For those interested in picking up a signed copy of the new solo CD ‘Liftoff’ we are happy to announce as of today December 10th there are 100 signed CDs available to order from the Link Below. You can also now order the album on all digital formats from the ‘Orchard Link’ below as well. Any Signed CDs ordered today through the 14th of December should arrive before Christmas. Please note that due to the current situation with COVID-19, international shipping may be affected by delays. Thank you for supporting the new music and wishing everyone a heartwarming and memorable holiday season with your loved ones!

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My many thanks to the outpouring of support since announcing on Wednesday the news of my new solo album being released! As promised here is the title track from ‘LIFTOFF’, a song I wrote with the extremely talented bassist and brother Bengt Jonasson when he visited us in Prague last year to do some writing together. This track, much like the entire album, addresses my frustrations with the human race’s adversity to embracing truth and wisdom during these divisive times. Is there a deeper tempering going on through all the noise of these challenging times?

My answer, whether naive or not, is a resounding ‘yes’… but in truth only time will tell. I’ve heard it said that those who wish to see positive change must be fashioned from patience… that societal change, and even change of heart, can be a massive slow turning ship… that the change we pine for may not even happen in our lifetimes. In an era of instant gratification it’s easy to become jaded witnessing the world repeat the same mistakes, but in reality there is more love and compassion in the world than hatred and fear.

There always has been or we wouldn’t even be here. These songs are reminders to myself that it’s best to find the big answers to life close to home, with friends and family… unplugging from the chaos and instead connecting with the calm. This last year has proven this to be true more than any other time in my life, and I would imagine for many of you as well during this global lockdown.

We may be currently grounded but our spirit, creativity, and passion for life can indeed be more free than ever because of the wall currently put in front of us. This is at least my hope, and ‘Liftoff’ is my offering to that solace I do my best to look toward 🙂

If you dig the music please share and spread the word. If you’re interested in picking up some items you can visit the link below to Pre-Order CDs, Digital DownloadS, T-Shirts, or combination offers!

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CDs and Shirts will ship, and Download Links will be sent out, on December 4th, 2020.
All songs will be available on ITunes and Amazon December 4th, and on Spotify January 31st.
Thank you for supporting the new music! I hope you will enjoy these new songs as much as I enjoyed recording them!
I will be posting a new video every Friday for the next month, so stay tuned, and stay in tune-

Wishing everyone a heartwarming weekend with your loved ones! And if you’re stuck with your hated ones… Do try and work it out 🙂

Only love.



‘Alchemy’ is a one hour orbital transmission of off world soundscapes for the mind, body and soul featuring six instrumental tracks based on the the chakras in the human body.
‘Alchemy’ is optimal for yoga, meditation, relaxation, or unplugging from the chaos of the world.

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Dan Reed

1 week 2 days ago

It’s really hard to tell who is behind what anymore... as it’s been designed to be, apparently, and sadly it’s only going to get worse, I fear. Not because the newly elected US administration is any worse than most corporate puppets but because the right wing folks distrust them, same as they did with Clinton, and partially what brought Trump to the main stage. Racism and bigotry has always existed but not dampening that hatred is at the feet of corrupt wealthy politicians on both sides for not putting up candidates who speak to both sides of the aisle, candidates who want to end foreign wars, tax the wealthy, change our energy policies, build infrastructure instead of destroying foreign lands, help the poor... you know, Jesus/Buddha type things... issues that both sides agree on. All I can say is fuck the RNC and the DNC. Fuck corporate lobbyists who could give a shit about human lives when people like Sanders, Gabbard or Yang could have helped unite the country... $2000 checks to everyone during a pandemic could have quelled this nonsense in DC... Pelosi and Trump being ethical instead of embodying pure greed could have quelled this, but most of

Dan Reed

2 weeks 2 days ago

Here’s to 2021 bringing balance back to the force after this most challenging year! Happy New Year to one and all... and I can only hope to not forget or bury the pain and despair of this last year but rather use it as a reminder at how precious our time together truly is moving forward ❤

Dan Reed

3 weeks 5 days ago

As a Holiday Greeting from all of us in DRN I recorded a version of ‘Silent Night’ and made a video to accompany the song 🙂 The Video is created from images of some of my favorite spots in Israel and the West Bank I had the pleasure of frequenting between 2005 and 2008 while residing in Jerusalem. Being this time of year in much of the western world is the celebration of the life of Jesus and his message of compassion the video starts and ends with shots of the Sea of Galilee, then images of Bethlehem, the City of David, the Western Wall and the Mount are shown… all places Yeshua once walked. Also included are a few shots of people practicing other faiths since I personally believe all religions are talking about the same mountain top, we just take different roads to get there. In fact there are stories in Hindu and Buddhist circles of a man named Yeshua who visited their territory during the same time period Jesus is absent from the New Testament. The message he returned with after his years ‘walking the wilderness’ is very much the Buddhist message of loving one’s enemy being

Dan Reed

1 month 20 hours ago

Hey gals and guys! Our Snake Oil and Harmony Debut Album ‘Hurricane Riders’ has been nominated for Best Album of 2020 by ‘Get Ready to Rock’! We are honored to be on the list beside so many talented artists. Please visit the link below if you wish to make a vote for ‘Hurricane Riders’ or for any of the wonderful albums nominated! Thank you very much and wishing everyone a beautiful day 🙂


Dan Reed

1 month 1 day ago

An update on DRN's plans moving into 2021