Dan Reed

1 week 5 days ago

In 1976 I just started learning to play the guitar and next to Eddie Van Halen as my guitar hero was Jeff Beck! I dreamed an entire year listening to his album ‘Wired’... getting lost, then found in his awe inspiring melodies! I realized early on that I would never achieve the grace and feel his soul possessed on the axe so I eventually focused on singing and songwriting instead. Now I have had the great honor to be asked to support this wonderful artist in Phoenix, Arizona on September 24th and I can’t think of a better reason to perform a show on my time off this year! Hope to see you there and thank you so very much Danny Zelisko for this opportunity to not only meet a true legend but to share the same stage with him, and many thanks to Scott Bohall for laying the foundation for this to all come together!

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Dan Reed

2 weeks 6 days ago

Attention to all those who support DRN’s music! 2019 is the 30th Anniversary of our album ‘SLAM’ which the single ‘Rainbow Child’ came from and was produced by Nile Rodgers in 1989 in NYC. We will be touring in the UK and Germany this December, as well as playing our hometown of Portland, Oregon on New Year’s Eve to celebrate this release and are now offering this Limited Edition ‘SLAM 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR T-SHIRT’.

We have created our own DRN original brand with this design as we are really happy how it turned out! For those interested these shirts are available worldwide here.


Using the highest quality material we could find this Tshirt has DRN labels and tags as well as the Slam Tour Artwork. This is a one off piece of Dan Reed Network Merch.

Orders will be shipped early November, weeks before the tour begins. Also we will be donating £1 from each T-shirt to an environmental charity. We haven't decided on which one yet as we are investigating which organization uses funds for the cause best. We also welcome any suggestions to worthy groups you are aware of or have worked with in the comments section below!

The fit will be similar to a Gildan softstyle T-shirt and even better quality so we hope you will enjoy this item as much as we did designing it with a nod to our past for it is the foundation to our musical future.

We can not thank you enough for being behind the music all these many years!

Dan Reed

3 weeks 3 days ago

Wishing everyone an insightful and loving time with family and friends this Midsummer Soltice! Sharing with you what I believe is a perfect track to chill to this weekend by an artist named ‘Dashi’ which I had the honor of producing here in Prague entitled ‘Swan Lake’. Mixed and mastered by the always brilliant Mr. Ian Kelosky. I met Dashi at Geoff Tyson’s wonderful songwriter evenings at the club La Loca earlier in the year and thought both her songs and voice were reminiscent of the old torch singers from decades ago and just had to be recorded. She has just launched her crowd funding album campaign and if you enjoy this track I hope you can check out the link below, hear her story, and get on board supporting this most talented artist who is mixing her lifelong love of dance and music together! Thank you for listening and may you all have a heartwarming weekend 🙂

Link to Video -


Link to Album Campaign -


DASHI - Recording an album

Dan Reed

3 weeks 4 days ago

Good afternoon from Prague to everyone here! DRN is honored and thrilled to be bringing the 30 YEAR SLAM ANNIVERSARY TOUR to Germany for 3 headline shows on the following December dates below! Please help spread the word, share, and we hope to see you all at these exclusive dates! Thank you and let’s Rock the Future 🙂

03.12 - Hamburg


04.12 - Berlin


05.12 - Cologne


We can’t wait to celebrate such a pivotal album in our careers with you all!


Ticket link for all shows: