Dan Reed’s CV burns bright at both ends: from his entry into the funk rock arena with the Dan Reed Network in the late 1980’s, to his current trade, travelling across Europe and occasionally the U.S having been commissioned to bring heartfelt joy into people’s homes with only his unfaltering voice, acoustic guitar and incredible canon of songs at his disposal. The 2015 Dan Reed sees himself seven years down the line as a successful solo artist, successful in the terms of having an army of adoring fans who consider his friendship invaluable, and that he’s able to make a living doing the job he loves. Which leads us to ‘Transmission’. Dan’s third solo album is a labour of love, of which the end result is majestic. On first hearing there were three or four stand out tracks and the rest kind of merged into one. A few further listens makes you realise that this is a collection of songs you have to familiarise yourself with to appreciate their exquisiteness.

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