New Release: “Signal Fire”

This is music with flair, soul and a sense of hope. It is uncynical, joyous and reassuring – reassuring that someone can still produce music so memorable after only one listen and so unabashedly philosophical.” (Review Quote from ‘ – ‘Signal Fire’, the second solo album by Dan Reed is now released and takes Dan’s music in new directions from the last solo effort ‘Coming Up For Air’. Harder edged, while pointed at the darker corners of society, the new music strives to celebrate life. This new collection of songs produced by Dan Reed and Rob Daiker in both Portland, Oregon and Prague, Czech Republic turns up the heat while keeping it’s intention rooted in the search for hope and balance in this often confusing, chaotic and deeply beautiful world. (From ‘CLASSIC ROCK Review)

“Here is a substantial record by a writer and performer of high class.” – Jon Hotten

Check out the feel of the new album using this ‘Video Link’ for ‘All I Need is You’:

Featuring performances by Dan Reed (vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, keys), Rob Daiker (BG vocals, electric guitars, bass, keys), Bengan Jonasson (bass), Robert Ikiz (drums/percussion), Brooke Lizotte (keys), Jimmy Lagnefors (electric guitar), Justin Lavash (electric guitar), David Landstof (drums/percussion), and Jiri Tomasek AKA ‘Gappeq’ (electronic production).