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On the road to HAMBURG in the morning for the show at ‘Marx’ tomorrow night! Honored to be returning for this solo performance and am looking forward to meeting all those who are able to attend 🙂 Thank you Attila Kormanyos for brining me back to your magical city!

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Thank you to all the good souls that attended the performance this last Saturday in Vimmerby, Sweden! It was as uplifting as last year and am truly humbled by all the positive vibes during and after the show 🙂 Astrid Lindgren’s Museum must have great ghost’s in the room! My love and gratitude to Jörgen Nilsson for organizing the event, to Lennart for the use of his beautiful keyboard, to Bamse, his future wife, an their colleague for all your hard work with the sound and lights, to Emelie and the new owners and all the kind souls from the venue, and to my good friends Mikael Kindman and Jessica Kindman for your loving hospitality, amazing food and for hosting myself and the after party in your home! I am blessed to call you my friends. A night to remember for sure 🙂 Also thank you to Ingela Benkseth and Daniel Benkseth for sharing your talents at the after party and for joining me on stage, Ingela, always a pleasure seeing you both, and much gratitude to Magnus and Anellie for the most generous drive back to Stockholm airport on Sunday. Looking forward to returning next year, and I wish only good fortune to the new owners and everyone who attended the show! Jorgen… Great work, brother 🙂

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On the train to Vimmerby now to perform at the ‘Astrid Lingren Museum’ tonight and sending out My deepest gratitude to Per Olof Hall for organizing the wonderful evening last night at ‘Badhyttan’! A beautiful venue right on the sea, packed house and many old and dear friends in attendance 🙂 A million thanks to Anders Norman and your most talented and humble band mates! It was an honor sharing the stage with you all, hearing your new music, and thank you for brining in all the gear as well 🙂 it was also a pleasure seeing your beautiful home and studio, Anders. Thank you to those in Caravan who traveled over from Denmark and as far as England, Also my friends from Mundekulla! Truly honored and great to see Henrik Berggren, Erika, Fredrik Strömbäck, Veronica, and the loving artwork from Ebba will always be cherished 🙂 Maria, your rubics cube master son, Anders, Annisette, Paula Spångberg, Jannie Olsen, Nette Olsen, Dorte Vig Sørensen, Julia and Markus, and my soul sister Kristin Thörn, a pleasure to visit with you all! I wish to thank Pontus and all the kind and generous staff for having myself and the music to your paradise by ocean, the great food and drink, and I am already looking forward to hopefully returning this summer! Much love, Per Olof… You rock, my friend 🙂 Here’s a photo of the old windmill by the venue at sundown last night… An enchanted land where the Vikings once had a massive trading post. To all a great weekend!

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