‘Alchemy’ is a one hour orbital transmission of off world soundscapes for the mind, body and soul featuring six instrumental tracks based on the the chakras in the human body.
‘Alchemy’ is optimal for yoga, meditation, relaxation, or unplugging from the chaos of the world.

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Dan Reed

1 day 7 hours ago

Just had the amazing pleasure of working with Emily Lynn and Lara Smiles on doing background vocals for two songs on my new solo album. Here is a photo with them both at the end of the THUNDER unplugged tour where I was supporting solo, and where I had the pleasure of meeting them both. Within a few hours of them receiving the tracks I was sent back six of the most awesome vocal tracks for each song which not only blended perfect with the lead vocals but elevated the whole song to a new level of passion and beauty! Anyone working on new demos or albums should do themselves an immense favor and invite Emily and Lara to take their songs to a new level. I literally was and will forever remain blown away by their sheer talent and intention! Thank you, soul sisters... you truly rocked my world 🙂

Dan Reed

1 week 2 days ago

For those of you who were planning on attending the rescheduled ‘Snake Oil and Harmony’ UK Album Release Tour Dates we are bringing you the news that they have again been moved to around the same time in late 2021 in the hopes the live music scene will be back in the swing of things by then! Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this many have caused for your schedules but with many countries going back in to lockdown, like here in the Czech Republic, we felt it was in the best interest of everyone to move the dates. Thank you for your understanding and patience, once again, and we hope to see you in the new year ❤ Thank you Martin Jarvis for doing all the leg work rescheduling the dates and to Graeme Purdy Bell for putting the new artwork together. MORE INFO BELOW - Snake Oil & Harmony Tour - Rescheduled to 2021 Unfortunately, due the the ongoing uncertainty surrounding indoor live music events in the UK we feel the best solution is to reschedule the Snake Oil & Harmony tour from 2020 to November 2021. All venues have been advised, and all ticket holders should receive

Dan Reed

1 week 3 days ago

Big shout out of gratitude to all those who have ordered Brion James’ New Album ‘Heal’ and all the positive comments! It’s simply great to see his wonderful music receiving so much support. Wishing everyone here a great Sunday with your loved ones, and if you wish to hear samples of Brion’s new record, or to order the CD please visit - brionjames.tmstor.es/

His album is “easy like a Sunday morning” 🙂

Dan Reed

1 week 5 days ago

A Festival stage built on the fountain at the Vystaviste Holesovice site where the World’s Jubilee Fair was held in Prague in 1891. It’s great to see promoters still holding events at this site while creating a three week long September music and arts festival outdoors so people can social distance and still enjoy some late summer weather 🙂

Dan Reed

2 weeks 2 days ago


A live acoustic version of 'On Your Side' featuring Brion James and myself is the latest piece of content to be released exclusively to our 'Stardate Collective' Patreon page.

Your support on this page is helping us to create the best audio and video content we possibly can and we can't wait to share with you the results of what we've been working on this year for you all.

Thank you!