“Smile” is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Confessions’ released September 14th 2017.

Music and Lyrics by Dan Reed. Produced by Dan Reed & Rob Daiker. Mixed by Rob Daiker. Mastered by Henrik Alser. Video Directed, Filmed and Edited by Michal Skorepa. Video Concept by Michal Skorepa & Dan Reed. Production Assistant: Katerina Blahova. Management: Dario Nikzad – dario@mineproductions.com. Artwork: Graeme Bell. Promotion: Peter Noble.

If you can read this, and I know you can then know this is just a small example of our mind’s ability and potential.

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Photos from Dan Reed's post

Thank you Trollhattan for yet another blazing night in Sweden of good friends in a cool venue, and an audience showering the band and with such beautiful energy! Love to my brothers Bengt Jonasson and Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz for always giving 110 percent to every song and for all the laughs and friendship on the road. Can’t wait for our next time sharing the stage My gratitude to Lisa Klasson for selling the CDs… Great seeing you, and also Anders Nilsson, Rosa-Marina Nilsson, Gerard Mcnamee, Maria Karlsson, Jimmie Midflo, Ted and all the crew and everyone who attended! To Fredrik, Daniel, Adam, Per and all the staff at ‘Backstage Rock Bar’ our many thanks for your loving hospitality and for the invitation to return in the future. We would be delighted. Thank you for keeping rock and roll alive and well I have no photos from last evening but in honor of a great photographer’s birthday today I am posting more photos of his from Friday night’s show in Helsingborg… Happy Birthday, Anders Gustafsson! Heading home to Prague now… What soulful week it was ❤

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Photos from Dan Reed's post

Have arrived to Trollhattan for the show tonight at the ‘Backstage Rock Bar’… A perfect gritty rock club! I wish to thank everyone who attended the performance last evening in Helsingborg! Lovely seeing Malin Hedlund and Kent Plateryd doing another wedding dance and showing everyone how much love they share Thank you Malin for all your help with getting the drums lined up and our deepest gratitude to Patrik Borgkvist for bringing your beautiful set down for Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz… You are the man! Our many thanks to Markus, Simpson, Johannes, Hasse and all the amazing staff at the venue… Such a joy to work with, and thank you to Anders Gustafsson for the photo shoot and the live shot below! Great seeing all our friends from Malmo, Holviken, Denmark, Bastad, Halmstad and Goteborg who made the journey. Deeply honored. We shall hopefully see you all at the December 10th DRN show in Malmo at ‘Skeppsbron’ or some day in the near future. And finally thank you to Janne Skip Sandin for inviting us to the Sci Fi Convention today… For a geek like me it is always paradise! Wishing everyone inspiring days ahead!

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