“The Snake Oil and Harmony Tour featuring DANNY VAUGHN from ‘Tyketto’ and DAN REED from ‘Dan Reed Network’ is back by popular demand and reaching beyond the UK this time around with performances in the UK, Spain, France, and Sweden! These two artists share the stage, trading songs and stories about their creative process and tales from the road.”

Dan Reed - 'Day One' (Official video)

With all the DRN shows and tour prep for the EXTREME dates I haven’t checked in on my latest solo single ‘Day One’ and was pleasantly shocked to see it has had over 33,000 views over the last three weeks. Thank you to everyone who has watched and shared this video and much gratitude to Michal Skorepa for creating a soulful film to this track! For those interested in picking up the new album ‘Confessions’… it is available on CD at ‘danreed.com’ or for download on ITunes. https://youtu.be/zoiXi_SO2K0

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Dan Reed's cover photo

Photo by Anders Gustafsson from our Newcastle performance December 13th, 2017.

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Have arrived to GLASGOW for show number 2 What a great beginning to the tour with EXTREME last evening! The band and crew have been a joy to meet up with and work beside… And Extreme rocked our world big time… Ridiculously tight and full of passion for two hours straight! Thank you to everyone in the audience who welcomed us so warmly and all the positive comments online this day. We are beyond honored by this experience so far See you tonight and come early… DRN hits the stage 30 minutes after doors! Thank you our hard working crew for a perfect first day of this run. Photo by Anders Gustafsson!

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