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And so it begins ? First live shows of 2021 with the talented Bengt Jonasson on Bass and Robert Ikiz on drums!

Autumn time in Sweden… a truly magical way to kick off getting back on stage!

Hope to see you all there, and wishing everyone a great beginning to this new week!



For those interested in picking up a signed copy of the new solo CD ‘Liftoff’ we are happy to announce as of today December 10th there are 100 signed CDs available to order from the Link Below. You can also now order the album on all digital formats from the ‘Orchard Link’ below as well. Any Signed CDs ordered today through the 14th of December should arrive before Christmas. Please note that due to the current situation with COVID-19, international shipping may be affected by delays. Thank you for supporting the new music and wishing everyone a heartwarming and memorable holiday season with your loved ones!

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My many thanks to the outpouring of support since announcing on Wednesday the news of my new solo album being released! As promised here is the title track from ‘LIFTOFF’, a song I wrote with the extremely talented bassist and brother Bengt Jonasson when he visited us in Prague last year to do some writing together. This track, much like the entire album, addresses my frustrations with the human race’s adversity to embracing truth and wisdom during these divisive times. Is there a deeper tempering going on through all the noise of these challenging times?

My answer, whether naive or not, is a resounding ‘yes’… but in truth only time will tell. I’ve heard it said that those who wish to see positive change must be fashioned from patience… that societal change, and even change of heart, can be a massive slow turning ship… that the change we pine for may not even happen in our lifetimes. In an era of instant gratification it’s easy to become jaded witnessing the world repeat the same mistakes, but in reality there is more love and compassion in the world than hatred and fear.

There always has been or we wouldn’t even be here. These songs are reminders to myself that it’s best to find the big answers to life close to home, with friends and family… unplugging from the chaos and instead connecting with the calm. This last year has proven this to be true more than any other time in my life, and I would imagine for many of you as well during this global lockdown.

We may be currently grounded but our spirit, creativity, and passion for life can indeed be more free than ever because of the wall currently put in front of us. This is at least my hope, and ‘Liftoff’ is my offering to that solace I do my best to look toward 🙂

If you dig the music please share and spread the word. If you’re interested in picking up some items you can visit the link below to Pre-Order CDs, Digital DownloadS, T-Shirts, or combination offers!

PRE-ORDER LINK – https://danreed.tmstor.es/

CDs and Shirts will ship, and Download Links will be sent out, on December 4th, 2020.
All songs will be available on ITunes and Amazon December 4th, and on Spotify January 31st.
Thank you for supporting the new music! I hope you will enjoy these new songs as much as I enjoyed recording them!
I will be posting a new video every Friday for the next month, so stay tuned, and stay in tune-

Wishing everyone a heartwarming weekend with your loved ones! And if you’re stuck with your hated ones… Do try and work it out 🙂

Only love.



‘Alchemy’ is a one hour orbital transmission of off world soundscapes for the mind, body and soul featuring six instrumental tracks based on the the chakras in the human body.
‘Alchemy’ is optimal for yoga, meditation, relaxation, or unplugging from the chaos of the world.

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11 hours ago

Dan Reed
The world of music lost one of the greats… Agent Steve Strange. He was beloved by all he worked with, and although we never had the good fortune to work with him directly, we hung a few times and had great admiration for him. He touched everyone’s life in the business through different degrees of separation and had the most infectious laugh and spirit. In this photo is exactly how I remember our last meeting backstage in Glasgow December 2019 at Gun’s Christmas show. A true lover of the music and of those who create it. The music business will not be the same without his presence… of this I am sure. Our love to this big hearted man, and to all his family and friends. ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Dan Reed
A great Czech Band called ‘JANET A’ that I’ve had the pleasure of working with a bit this last year will have their song ‘FREAK’ debut on ‘Pirate Rock’ in sweden today at 17:20 today! Check it out if you get a chance and let me know your thoughts on the track. You can find it performing today on the show “Eftermiddag med Mattias”. You can download the App ‘I Like Radio’ and search ‘Pirate Rock’ if you’re out of Sweden. Rock on, and thank you Mattias Ericsson for blasting this bad ass track for the band 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Dan Reed
A shout out of gratitude to all the lovely souls who rocked out ‘The White Moose’ on Saturday night! What an audience and cool venue 🙂 Can’t wait to return with the Trio there next year! Many thanks to Patrik Aronsson, Ja, Alice and Richard Lagerblad, Savannah Aronsson and your friend, for all your help, friendship, delicious food, driving, and hospitality this weekend. Many thanks to Hakan and your staff for being simply awesome. And to Carl Wijnbladh for picking me up last evening. It was a joy to see some good friends who have been missed during this crazy time in the world. Last public Sweden show is this Friday in Gavle! Then DRN will be back in sweden in late February 2022 with our new album… so stay tuned for details on that next month. Wishing everyone a happy Monday! ... See MoreSee Less
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