Dan Reed Network: New Video & DVD

We are about 3 weeks away from shooting the video for ‘Champion’ from the new DRN album ‘Fight Another Day’ and have reached 128 percent of our goal in crowd funding the production! Thank you to everyone out there that has made this possible for and for your kind support of the new music! For those still interested in joining the party you can visit the link below to see what items are still available. To all a good evening from Prague! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/dan-reed-network

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Matthew Cooke - RACE BAITING 101

This video was too powerful not to share. In my home country of America we are truly divided on so many issues… Donald Trump who has brought out the dark under belly lying dormant in far too many of the population may become President, while Black Lives Matter is being called a ‘terrorist organization’ by some of those same people, while the media focuses on whether a football player not standing during the national anthem is unpatriotic instead of focusing on the actual reason he is taking a knee. But the source of that division can be traced back to what Matthew Cooke lays out in this clip so thoroughly and with facts. We the People share the same red blood, but seeing ourselves as different, arguing over who has the best path forward is exactly where they want us. Thank you for watching and please share if it moves you. https://youtu.be/9WHPGL_wBaM

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Timeline Photos

I am very happy and honored to be doing these two upcoming workshops in the US, in Los Angeles on Saturday October 15th, and in Portland on Sunday October 16th, in cooperation with two amazing souls Lisa Schultz and Lori K Seeborg, and I surely welcome, and look forward to meeting, all those who wish to attend! Over the last few years I have had the great pleasure of speaking about the insights imparted through my travels, both in touring the world with music and also the time spent in India and Jerusalem studying different world faiths. I have always tried to learn and understand why is it that the very few issues which divide us can often overwhelm, or are perceived to overwhelm, the many elements that unite us. Through the process of embracing the ideas of using compassion over violence, communication over fear of the unknown, and empathy over anger, I’ve found a great hope for the future of this world even when the current tone of our reality may appear to be in chaos and disaccord. Many of the songs I’ve written over the last decade are inspired from this search for answers, or often what becomes a search for more resonating questions 🙂 Whether it be about conversations with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Monks, or Rabbi’s, Priests, and Imam’s in the Holy Land, or the many great teachers and guides who are doing great work in the world of strengthening our personal energy, assisting in freeing ourselves from an old paradigm that was often formed through violent conflict in our history, the goal of the workshops are about sharing thoughts, music and to touch on ideas on how to find a place in our hearts and minds that is not buried in cynicism, hopelessness or apathy. These workshops are about celebrating our commonalities, fostering positive energy, and having an evening of song, laughter, and even tears. My deepest gratitude to Lisa and Lori for organizing these two gatherings, and to our hosts at ‘The Whole 9 Gallery’ and at the ‘Heartcore Yoga Studio’ and for all the good work you all do in helping bring balance to this crazy beautiful world 🙂 For information on attending the event at the ‘Whole 9 Gallery’ in Los Angeles, CA please visit – http://www.thewhole9.com/danreed For information on attending the event at ‘Heartcore Yoga’ in Portland, OR please visit – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/an-evening-with-dan-reed-registration-27732861736

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