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As a kid growing up on a farm in South Dakota the night skies were without light pollution… The ban of the Milky Way was bright and a place I often looked up to and dreamed about what was ‘out there’. Then I got in to Star Trek and that peaked my interest even more about the possibilities that we are not alone in this Universe. I started building model rockets that flew a couple hundred yards up in to the sky, and the Apollo astronauts became heroes right along side Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley. John Glenn was one of those Astronauts that I had great admiration for and dreamed of meeting one day. I even had a picture of him and Neil Armstrong on my bedroom wall. Just saw the news that he has passed away this day, December 8th, 2016, and simply wish to say thank you to a brave soul who ventured out of our atmosphere back when it was the great unknown… The first American to orbit the earth. He later became a Senator in the US Congress. Farewell star traveler… You blazed a trail that many have found inspiration and insight from, and some day when we venture beyond our solar system you will be remembered as one of the courageous few who showed us the way. Here’s a photo of Mr. Glenn along side John F Kennedy, inspecting a space capsule.

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Dan Reed's cover photo

Photo by Phil Skinner, taken in South Shields at ‘Trimmer’s Arms’

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Standing Rock Protestors Celebrate as Dakota Pipeline Easement Denied

A major victory in North Dakota! Congratulations to everyone who worked tirelessly on rerouting this pipeline, and although this effort is far from over since the Trump administration is yet to take office, this is a moment of celebration, and a validation of peaceful protest and the power of the people above corporate interest. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/standing-rock-celebrates-as-dakota-pipeline-easement-denied-w453719

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