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After this post I am making a conscious decision to step back from posting/commenting on politics for a long while as I am seeing too much ugly behavior from both sides of the aisle. Many Liberals are heard and seen being as hateful towards Conservatives as the Right was toward the Obama administration, only feeding the great divide and curbing any progress. It’s happening in Europe as well, and all over the world for that matter. Instead I will be focusing on creativity and posting on the things that are inspiring to change the current paradigm of neglecting our planet and marginalizing people in the pursuit of great wealth. If anything this last US election and the worldwide protests the following day has proven that we the citizens are being played like pawns by a larger force. Divide and Conquer in full effect. The ‘Regressive Left’ is just as intolerant as is the ‘Alt-Right’. Until we learn to listen to all points of view, have empathy or at least understanding, and learn from those we oppose we will forever be stuck on the carousel of anger, judgement, and vitriol. I’ve been guilty of this behavior this last year and lost more than a few friends in the process over nothing but having opposing views. I will be listening for now and will leave you with this incredibly eye opening video by the BBC where the speaker presents the writings of Plato from the very first book on democracy. It’s premise is chilling and all too true to what is happening in the world. It explains very succinctly how and why the best democracies of the world are doomed to fail when Liberals and Conservatives become self righteous and refuse compromise. Here’s to a balanced tomorrow, and now it’s time for me to focus on making music, creating films, performing on stage with my musical brothers and sisters and healing the division within myself. Thank you to all those I’ve had constructive conversations with this last 18 months. It’s been a tremendous learning experience. https://www.facebook.com/bbcnews/videos/10154218006426200/

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Heading home to Prague after an exhilarating evening at ‘Q Bar’ in Sundsvall. Packed house of smiling souls and I thank you all for the warm welcome and great song requests 🙂 Thank you, Carl Wijnbladh and Britt-Marie Ericson for your hard work and loving friendship on the road and for making these shows happen! Always a joy working with you. My gratitude to Hakan for the great job on sound, to Helene Wahlström for bringing up your fine jewelry and for the visit, to Ulrika Westin for having me back, to Linda and all the amazing staff, and for the delicious meal! It was a true joy to meet so many kind souls and am so grateful to everyone who attended and gave so much positive energy. See you all again soon and if you can make it to the DRN shows in Goteborg on March 17th or Stockholm March 18th we will be honored to have your good presence 🙂

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Thank you to everyone who attended the show in Ostersund last evening making it a truly fun start to a new year of performances! ‘Arctura’ you rocked 🙂 My gratitude to Carl and Britt-Marie for booking the show and taking such good care of me, to Niklas for having myself and the music back to your beautiful venue up in the sky, to Anders for doing the sound so beautifully, and to all those who attended and shared such loving energy… Can’t wait to return next year! Make sure to check out our good friend and amazing talent ‘Danny Vaughn’ from Tyketto who will be performing at ‘Arctura Sky Bar’ on February 17th 🙂 On the snowy road to Sundsvall now to perform at the ‘Q Bar’ tonight! To all a great weekend… and thank you to ‘vvhallqvist’ for the photo from last night.

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