My many thanks to the outpouring of support since announcing on Wednesday the news of my new solo album being released! As promised here is the title track from ‘LIFTOFF’, a song I wrote with the extremely talented bassist and brother Bengt Jonasson when he visited us in Prague last year to do some writing together. This track, much like the entire album, addresses my frustrations with the human race’s adversity to embracing truth and wisdom during these divisive times. Is there a deeper tempering going on through all the noise of these challenging times?

My answer, whether naive or not, is a resounding ‘yes’… but in truth only time will tell. I’ve heard it said that those who wish to see positive change must be fashioned from patience… that societal change, and even change of heart, can be a massive slow turning ship… that the change we pine for may not even happen in our lifetimes. In an era of instant gratification it’s easy to become jaded witnessing the world repeat the same mistakes, but in reality there is more love and compassion in the world than hatred and fear.

There always has been or we wouldn’t even be here. These songs are reminders to myself that it’s best to find the big answers to life close to home, with friends and family… unplugging from the chaos and instead connecting with the calm. This last year has proven this to be true more than any other time in my life, and I would imagine for many of you as well during this global lockdown.

We may be currently grounded but our spirit, creativity, and passion for life can indeed be more free than ever because of the wall currently put in front of us. This is at least my hope, and ‘Liftoff’ is my offering to that solace I do my best to look toward 🙂

If you dig the music please share and spread the word. If you’re interested in picking up some items you can visit the link below to Pre-Order CDs, Digital DownloadS, T-Shirts, or combination offers!

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CDs and Shirts will ship, and Download Links will be sent out, on December 4th, 2020.
All songs will be available on ITunes and Amazon December 4th, and on Spotify January 31st.
Thank you for supporting the new music! I hope you will enjoy these new songs as much as I enjoyed recording them!
I will be posting a new video every Friday for the next month, so stay tuned, and stay in tune-

Wishing everyone a heartwarming weekend with your loved ones! And if you’re stuck with your hated ones… Do try and work it out 🙂

Only love.



‘Alchemy’ is a one hour orbital transmission of off world soundscapes for the mind, body and soul featuring six instrumental tracks based on the the chakras in the human body.
‘Alchemy’ is optimal for yoga, meditation, relaxation, or unplugging from the chaos of the world.

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Dan Reed

12 hours 25 minutes ago

Good evening! Here is the 4th and final Preview Lyric Video for the song ‘Back to Earth’ from my forthcoming solo album ‘Liftoff’. This video is dedicated to the spirit of our US holiday yesterday that celebrates the brotherhood that once developed between the Native American Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and the first Europeans to settle in what was to become the United States. After pining for idyllic off world destinations, longing for a moment of respite from earthly problems and our relationship with technology with the last three songs this track addresses stepping back and appreciating what a gift this beautiful blue and green marble floating in space which we call home truly is. The video is a tribute to all native peoples who once believed in living in harmony with nature and opens with a quote from the Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier, and features the late Russell Means’ opening address to the US Congress in 1989 where he humbly calls the US Senators he was asking to honor Native American rights his ‘relatives’ in 1989. If you’re ever in the mood to see a vastly intelligent and caring soul appealing to the hardened heart’s of the powerful

Dan Reed

19 hours 29 minutes ago

Inevitably, due to the continued uncertainty caused by the current pandemic the decision has been taken to postpone the DRN co-headline tour with Reckless Love and other European headline shows scheduled for 2021. Please see the attached photo's for all new tour dates.

It's not a decision that's been taken lightly as the band are eager to get back on the road, however it is still paramount to ensure the safety of all those planning to attend, once the world opens up again DRN will be primed and ready to get back to celebrating music and good times!

Dan Reed will be following up this post in the next few days with more information.

Dan Reed

1 week 14 hours ago

Happy Friday to all! Here is the next preview track and lyric video I created for ‘Shed My Skin’ from my forthcoming Solo Album ‘Liftoff’. A big thank you to all those who have shared the previous two videos, all the positive comments, and pre-orders of the new music and merch! Please read below to learn more about the creation of the song and intention of the video 🙂 CDs, Downloads, and ‘Liftoff’ T-Shirts Available for Pre-Order now, items ship on December 4th, 2020, and will arrive in time for Christmas. Pre-Order Link - danreed.tmstor.es/ Music by Richard Hilton and Dan Reed. Lyrics by Dan Reed Mastered by - Ian Kelosky Thank you to Dan Pred for additional images for the video! The music for ‘Shed My Skin’ started off as an instrumental composition written, produced and performed by Richard Hilton, keyboardist and music director for CHIC, who Dan worked with on DRN’s ‘SLAM’ in 1989 while working with Nile Rodgers in New York, and who he has remained friends with ever since. Reed loved the vibe of the track then developed it further with additional chordal structures, adding electric and acoustic guitars, arranging the composition, and finally composing lyrics.

Dan Reed

2 weeks 12 hours ago

Here’s the next preview track and lyric video ‘Spaceship Built For Two’ from my forthcoming album ‘LIFTOFF’. This video is entirely made from beautiful images of Hong Kong, and is in honor of the freedom fighters in HK who are currently losing the battle for the promised ‘Two Systems, One Government’ policy. ‘Spaceship Built For Two’ features the amazing UK vocalists ‘Emily Lynn’ and ‘Lara Smiles’ on Backing Vocals and is a song I composed about how some days when seeing the world tearing itself apart over conspiracies and differing political opinions how nice it would be able to pack up and depart for a new world for just a day to regroup and find perspective. The lyric video I created is in honor of those fighting to keep democracy alive in Hong Kong but are losing the battle against the Beijing government. Just this week the last fifteen pro democracy politicians in the Hong Kong government resigned in protest for their colleagues being fired without going through the courts. In my world travels one of the most favourite memories I have is the two weeks I spent in this beautiful city on my way to India my second time

Dan Reed

2 weeks 2 days ago

Thank you ‘Metal Planet Music’ for the first Album Review and most positive words about the new tracks on ‘Liftoff’, available for Pre-Order now, and ships physically and digitally December 4th!

My gratitude to Claire Lloyd for spreading the word, to Phineas J Whoopie for the introduction to Claire, and to all of you who have posted loving comments about the title track over the last few days since it’s release last Friday! Stay tuned this Friday evening 7pm Prague time for the next release and Lyric Video for ‘Spaceship Built for Two’, and only love to all those who have ordered CDs, digital downloads and t-shirts from around the world these last few days! You guys and gals rock ❤ To all an inspiring rest of the week!

Pre-Order Link - danreed.tmstor.es/