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Announcing DRN’s return to Sweden next March in Goteborg and Stockholm! Ticket links are on the image below. We are thrilled to be returning to this beautiful country in the new year, and looking forward to seeing all those who are able to attend 🙂

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Portland! What a fantastic way to end the US Tour 🙂 Thank you for a great night in our home town! You all were so animated and rockin’… Truly honored to be back in the Rose City and have such a loving reception. First I wish to thank Dan Pred, Brion James, Melvin Brannon Jr. and Rob Daiker for all your good energies, humor, and especially your fine performances. It is one of the great joys in my life sharing the stage with you! My gratitude to Kerry Bechtol, David Moncrieffe II and Johnny Payne for always being by our side and your stellar work ethic. Thank you to Frank Faillace for having us back, for the after hours drinks and friendship. Much love to Justin, Count and all the staff for taking good care of us. Special thanks to ‘One from Many’ for your inspiring set, and to Robert Wynia and Cellotronic for bringing us all down to earth in a most soulful way with your heartwarming set. It was a pleasure sharing the stage with you all. To Patrick Lamb… Only love for shredding on ‘Get to You’. Your musings were inspired. Love to Aysha Strausbaugh for doing the merch, to DJ and Woody for attending, to Eric for recording the set, and to our brother Terry Finley for always being there for us. Special thanks to Graeme Purdy Bell for doing the artwork for the tour and the t-shirts, and finally to all those who attended these shows in the US, we are forever humbled by your love, your gifts on the road and your undying support for DRN. Lastly I wish to thank Matthew McAlonan for the late night house party… Always a memorable time, my friend 🙂 I will leave you all with some photos from Saturday night from Jessica Spiegel, Blues John, Armondo Garcia, Dewaina McAllister Scafidi and a few others. Thank you all for the photos and the great times! We shall return 🙂

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Photos from Dan Reed's post

Tonight’s the night! Last show of the US tour in Portland at ‘The Star Theater’! 10pm set time for DRN. Thank you Seattle for a truly memorable show last night at ‘El Corazon’! An honor to return to our second home 🙂 Our deepest gratitude to Intisaar and Thadillac for two brilliant sets of soul moving music! A true honor to share the stage with such talent and intention. Thank you to Kerry Bechtol, David Moncrieffe II, Bruce Pritchard, Johnny Payne, and Cyrene Probart for working the show last night! Thank you Brooke Lizotte for hooking up Intisaar, and to Cedric Leggin and the crew, you guys were a pleasure to work with and can’t wait to see the footage! Our love to all our old school friends who made for a great evening! And especially cool to see Paul Hernandez… You remain a rock in our world. Rock on and we shall return to Seattle this time next year! Time to rock PDX now 🙂 Photos below by Christa DePoe, Randy Hauser, and I grabbed a photo of Brion James at soundcheck.

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